Maple Class

Years 3 & 4

Maple Class Autumn Term:

English – We have planned and written our own narratives based on the Disney film and book, `The Lion King ‘. We have researched and written a fact file about Nigeria. Our research led us to observe and discuss the journey to water for an African child and we were able to role play at being News reporters. In addition to this we decided to plan and write a newspaper report to highlight the current shortage of water in parts of Africa. We have looked at holiday brochures and researched areas of Africa to visit as a holiday destination. The children have looked at persuasive devices and used these to support their own planning and writing of a holiday brochure, identifying features that would entice the customers. We are currently looking at a unit of poetry.

Maths – We have focused on Pace Value and looked at counting in multiples of a number, counting on from a number and recognising sequences. We have looked at Roman Numerals and identified the symbols that represent the numbers. The children have been rounding and comparing numbers. We have been adding and subtracting numbers and identifying different combinations to consolidate learning. The children have learnt column addition and subtraction, including how to carry and exchange amounts within a calculation. This has helped to support their confidence when completing word problems. We are currently looking at multiplication.

Reading – We have assessed children and tested their comprehension with the new school reading scheme. The children have also benefited from being in levelled phonics groups to support their reading and spelling.

Science – We have looked at what makes a healthy diet. The children have also compared a human diet to an animal diet. We have identified the different human teeth and their uses- comparing these to animal teeth. We have looked at the structure of a human skeleton and identified the bones. The children have also explored the effects of a variety of different drinks on the shell of an egg to gain an idea of what would happen to a decaying tooth. Some of the children have also explored the diet of an animal and the internal parts of the digestive system and created 3D posters in small groups.

Topic – We have looked at the continent of Africa. The children have located countries within Africa and looked at the human and physical characteristics. We have followed the journey of fruit from Africa.

Art – The children have designed and made African style necklaces and jewellery. They have created their own face masks in the image of an African animal. The children enjoyed designing a water cleaning machine. In small groups the children have also designed and created their own version of a San Bushmen home.

French – We have been learning simple phrases and conversations to greet each other. The children have also learnt a French version of the song, `Baby Shark’. We are currently learning how to write a shopping list for the supermarket.

R.E – We have been focused on the sequence of events in the Creation Story. We have discussed our thoughts and opinions and created some of our own 3D creation stories on plates. The children have looked at our wonderful world and the faith God had in humans to live on the earth. The children have written their own version of the creation story poem in the style of James Weldon Johnson. We have read the Ten Commandments and discussed as a class why God gave Christians 10 rules to live by. We have also discussed and written our own version of the Ten Commandments and our reasons for choosing them.

P.E – We developed our throwing and catching skills and learnt the basic game of Rounders. In addition to this the children have also played some games of bench ball, working on enhancing their team skills. The children are currently practising their own innovated routines of African dancing.